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Social Entrepreneurship tools. Financing and Governance

 My tutor continues to provide our readers and partners with relevant information on Social Entrepreneurship. This time we would like to share with you information and publications of Schwab Foundation. We found the publications of this foundation very useful tool for social entrepreneurs developing their projects, searching for funding, managing their organizations.


Please use these links to access publications of Schwab Foundation here:


      - Social Investment Manual. An Introduction for Social Entrepreneurs. This document was conceived by social entrepreneurs for social entrepreneurs and those contemplating to start a social enterprise. In it you will find such important topics as financing process, including analysis of available financing instruments, finding the right investor and approaching social investor, negotiating financing terms, measuring and evaluating performance, etc.


-       - The Governance of Social Enterprises. Managing Your Organization for Success. This document concentrates in governance systems of Social Enterprises and how to carefully select, design and manage board of your organization to help the social enterprise reach its goals.



The Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship is a not-for-profit, independent and neutral organization, founded in 1998, with the purpose to advance social entrepreneurship and to foster social entrepreneurs as an important catalyst for societal innovation and progress. The Foundation is under the legal supervision of the Swiss Federal Government and is headquartered in Cologny-Geneva, Switzerland.